Never Ever Give Up

Never Ever Give Up
18th March 2020 Neil

It is such a tough time at the moment for everyone. Not knowing what is happening with your own health, your family’s health, your job, your finances. Scary…………………

Personally I have been through a huge roller coaster in the last 2 weeks. 2020 is an important year for me professionally and personally. In the last 2 weeks it has been turned on its head. I have been driving for a goal in July that I set nearly 10 years ago, I was well on track to achieve it and now everything has changed. I feel like someone who has been training for the Olympic Marathon, is leading the race at 24 miles and then the race is abandoned for some crazy reason.

Last week and this week I have had cancellation after cancellation of corporate events, workshops, training classes etc. I have seen my investments collapse around my ears and to be honest I have turned inwards and felt sorry for myself, felt depressed and felt despondent.

I have been using all the techniques I know to lift myself up from meditation, positive thinking, spending time with great people and going for runs. All have helped in the short term, but with the ever changing situation I kept slipping back.

This morning my gorgeous wife and I were out for a run and she gave me a kick up the backside. I have never been one to be negative, I have never been one to look at the downside, I have never been one to give up in fact on my arm I have a tattoo that says “Never Ever Give Up”. My whole attitude to life has always been there is always a way. Whatever your goal, whatever your challenge, whatever your needs there is always a way to get there.

I also know that many people look to me to help them get motivated, get inspired, find a way forward. It is therefore my responsibility to stop thinking about me and start thinking about other people who need my help.

So this morning was a bit of a trigger for me, I suddenly felt like I was down on the canvas and needed to come out swinging, take control and step forward, make progress, take action.

If you are feeling any or all of the things that I have mentioned above then I want to help you with some thoughts.

What can you control ?

Most of what is going on a the moment is outside of our control. We cannot control the virus, we cannot control the actions government take, we cannot control what happens in the markets, what we can control is:

  • What we do
  • What we think
  • What we focus on
  • How we feel

What is in your control that you can focus on now and take action on that is going to help you feel better ? What can you control ?

  • What could you do to help your customers or your employees with a phone call or an email?
  • What could you do to review your finances – in and out?
  • What could you create while you are working at home that might help your team, your customers or others ? Create a video, write a book, write a blog, post something positive?


So are you ready to take control, to get off the canvas to start taking ownership and fighting back ?

If you need any help or encouragement or ideas please reach out to me at any time. My email is [email protected], my phone number 07801244628.

Deep breath, punch one hand into in the other and Let’s Go.

cheers…………… Neil…………………….

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  1. Clare Crofts 1 week ago

    Neil, I was thinking that you could do a live u tube everyday at the same time. Like Joe Wicks does for exercise ( he does it at 9am ) the kids have been doing it since Monday. But instead of exercise you could do motivational talks, mind exercises, calm and positive ways to help people stay calm and positive. I know loads of people would tune in to listen to you and it would help this nation see the positives. Just an idea?

    • Author
      Neil 7 days ago

      Hi Clare, thank you for this it is a great idea, I will think about what I could do. Need to work out the technology 🙂 but definitely something that would interest e and hope I could add some value.

      thank you………………

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