Encouraged, supported, challenged

Neil brings the best out of those around him and I regard him as one of the key contributors to my own personal success over the last eight years.

Director Europe, Agco Corp

Executive Mentoring & Coaching

Executive Mentoring and Coaching

Helping you achieve more, think differently and keep accountable

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Growth Workshops

Growth Workshops

Growth workshops for leadership teams and sales teams

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Keynote speaking, inspiring people to achieve more

Executive Mentoring & Coaching

As a business owner or senior executive, who do you turn to if you need some direction? That’s where a mentor or coach can make all the difference. By enabling you to take a step back, you’ll approach your business, career or personal aspirations equipped with the right strategies.

Why coaching or mentoring?

Hiring a mentor or coach can help you:

  • Think differently
  • Address issues you might not have seen before
  • Develop yourself and your teams
  • Keep accountable.

Where I can help

  • Breaking through to new levels, personally or professionally
  • Achieving any ‘Big Goals’
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‘Ultimate Life Plan’ workbook Big Goal Coaching Package Free copy of my book Yucan ‘Email Best Practice’ guide Free Time Management Course


I definitely feel the benefits of your mentorship. My belief is that I am a lot more effective leader since you started working me I can honestly say I got something out of every meeting /chat and day training we had.

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for the inspiration and guidance over the years since we met at IBM, but particularly in the effort you’ve put into the book and the workshops.

Leadership Detectives podcast

The Leadership Detectives, weekly we search for the clues to what makes great leaders through discussions and interviews.

Coaching Skills for Leaders podcast

Helping to bring coaching skills to leaders everywhere!

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Sales Training and Coaching

Are you closing enough? Are you selling value or price?

All good sales people and sales leaders know that they have to constantly be investing in developing themselves or their teams.

For individual sales people?

I can help develop your skills and knowledge so that you close more at a higher price.

Free e-book download

80 pages of great sales advice and instruction

Whiteboard Value Selling e-book
Online Whiteboard Value Selling Academy

Get access to 23 videos, just over 2 hours worth of content and worksheets to give you practical action plans through each step.

Whiteboard Value Selling Academy
Corporate Bespoke Value Selling

A methodology for leading with value, not price

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For sales leaders and businesses

Creating “Sales Excellence”

I can help you develop your teams to

  • Sell on value not price
  • Sell more by improving their close rate
  • Increase your top line sales number

The way I work with businesses is 1 or all of the following 4 stages

  • Initial consultation period to understand needs, and develop the right skills development
  • Develop a bespoke online academy or give you access to my one
  • Create and deliver face to face training packages (or online if required)
  • Provide ongoing coaching and support to sales leaders and sales people

Neil’s engaging and straightforward whiteboard methodology, provides our sales teams with a consistent and value added approach in developing meaningful and long-term sales relationships with our high-value capital goods and services. I would recommend all sales professional to read and apply this method in your daily work; it even works at home!

Managing Director Agritech Company

I’ve found the white board methodology a great way of getting a customer to open up about what their issues are and get alignment around objectives. It allows us to put solutions to potential clients which they might not have otherwise considered us for and to structure a programme of work for existing clients which moves us up the ladder of trust.

Director of Research, Financial Investor Relations Company

Maximise your productivity

Save yourself hours of valuable time

Free Time Management Course Free ‘Email Best Practice’ guide


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Growth Workshops

How do you get your leadership team, or whole business, aligned behind an exciting, ambitious Vision?

Answer: Engage them in the process. They’ll help you develop the execution strategy to see your vision fulfilled.

That’s what my Growth Workshops do.

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Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for someone to raise the energy levels of your team, make them realise that the impossible is possible and show them how to do it?

I am a high energy motivational speaker, combining my experiences in business with the world of extreme sports to inspire people to achieve more in all aspects of their lives.

What I cover

  • Life and lessons from extreme sports, including the 300-mile Yukon Arctic Ultra foot race
  • The 7P Formula for Achieving any ‘Big Goal’
  • How to always hit your sales targets.

Just wanted to say that your speech yesterday was excellent, I think the applause from the crowd was a good gauge of how impressed everyone was.

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