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In these unusual times, we are all re-evaluating our lives and looking at our goals in a different way. Goals that we were putting off, we may now want to make happen sooner.

Help yourself with your mindset and help others with theirs – all your donations will go to the charity MIND.

This workshop will take you through the 7P formula for achieving any Big Goal. Whatever your goal is – Big or Small – if it is important to you and how you will feel about your life, you should not wait – you should go for it.

Your goal maybe a personal goal, like learning a language, developing a new skill, a special vacation, buying a house, finding a life partner; or it may be a business goal like changing career, getting a promotion, or setting up your own business.

Your goal may of course be a sporting goal like running your 1st 10km, 1/2 or full marathon, taking on a multistage ultra, or even something like the Yukon Arctic Challenge.

Big or small, it doesn’t matter – this two-hour workshop will help you shape a plan for achieving it.

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Hear how to achieve your own Big Goals

Got a big dream, but it’s not yet a Big Goal? Longing to make the ‘impossible’, ‘possible’? Or tried to achieve a Big Goal but not quite there yet? My workshops are for you.

I’ll guide you through my 7Ps – a proven formula for achieving any Big Goal that I developed when I was competing in an Arctic footrace. Since then, the formula has helped many individuals and businesses to conquer their own Big Goals.

Big Goal Workshop

If you have a Big Goal you want to achieve, or a Big Dream you want to turn into a Big Goal, this workshop is for you.

I developed the 7P formula for achieving any Big Goal when I was competing in an Arctic 500km (300 mile) foot race in 2015. Since then I have used the formula to help many individuals and business either achieve or get well on the road to achieving their Big Goals.

This workshop is a short introduction to the 7P formula. We will work through every step to help you on the way to your Big Goal.

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Everything you’ll need to start achieving your own Big Goals, including:

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About my book and the 7P formula

All workshop attendees will take home a copy of Yucan: Achieve any big goal using the 7P formula for success – now an Amazon bestseller.

Have you ever wondered why some people can achieve such amazing goals in their business or personal life ? I believe we can all achieve extraordinary goals in all areas of our lives. If you have a big dream, but think “I can’t – it’s too big, too ambitious, too extreme…” this book is for you.

Alongside the Big Goals Workbook, it’s the ideal way to keep motivated, inspired and on track to achieve your own Big Goals long after the workshop has finished.