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Over 25 years, I have regularly taken on ‘big goals’ – things that felt like a huge stretch at the time, but which have enabled me to grow and develop in all areas of life.

I’ve conquered many physical challenges that most people would term ‘extreme’, including multi-day non-stop Army events, more than 30 marathons, the Marathon des Sables (152 miles across the Sahara), the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc (106 miles non-stop, climbing over 9,700 metres) – and winning the infamous Yukon Arctic Ultra.

It’s not just about extreme sports. I have also scaled the heights in business, after becoming one of IBM’s youngest managers in my twenties. I now combine my experiences to bring out the best in executives and senior leaders through coaching – both professionally and personally.

As a result, I love hearing about personal achievement. Whether it’s crossing a finish line, or someone getting a promotion they never thought possible, I believe we’re all capable of achieving much more than we can imagine.

Yucan - by Neil Thubron

YUCAN: My New Book

The sun was low in the sky, the temperature around minus 35 degrees centigrade. 30 hours earlier I had crossed the start line of the 2015 Yukon Arctic Ultra. As I pushed through yet another mile, I started to think.

What is it that allows me to keep achieving these extreme physical challenges? How do I find a way to break through mental and physical barriers?

I started to realise there was a way of, not just getting myself through tough challenges, but a methodology for getting others across the line, enabling them to aspire higher and reach their Big Goals.

A combination of stories designed to inspire and spur you on, my new book Yucan is out now on Amazon and Kindle.

How I Can Help

My experience in the business world comes from 25 years of leading large multinational sales organisations for corporate companies.

Alongside organising endurance running events, I am a motivational speaker and executive coach. I link my passion and experiences from endurance sports to the personal motivational drivers that are needed in the business world, and regularly work with senior executives to transform their professional and personal lives.


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