Tony Robbins said “Comfort will Never Make You Proud”

Tony Robbins said “Comfort will Never Make You Proud”
31st March 2018 Sarah

This morning I woke up with a thick head after a night in an Irish Bar in the New York New York hotel in Las Vegas, I hadn’t slept properly due to jet lag. All I felt like doing was turning over and going to sleep. I am out in Vegas helping a software company at a conference and this morning was free till 1200.

As I lay there thinking what to do I remembered those 6 words from Tony Robbins – “Comfort will never make you proud”. I could spend the morning lazing around or I could do something. A friend of mine had told me when he was in Vegas he had driven out to a National Park in the Mojav Desert where there were great running trails. I thought why not. So I booked an Uber, got ready and headed out to the Red Rock Canyon Park.

The Uber dropped me and agreed to come back in 2 hours, I got a map and went running along the trails. It was awesome. Stunning views, fantastic weather (sunny, but with a cool breeze). I covered 9 miles and felt EPIC.

As I was in the car coming back I thought to myself. I could have chosen comfort this morning, but I chose to push myself, go try something different and be a bit adventurous. The outcome was outstanding.

Isn’t it so true that when we push ourselves outside of comfort we feel proud, and when we know we should have pushed ourselves but we chose the easy option, we chose comfort, we didn’t feel so great. Potentially even disappointed.

So how do you make yourself take action ? I remember reading a book by Bear Grylls several years ago and he talked about a 10 minute rule he set himself. If he didn’t want to do something he would make himself go do it, and say I will give this 10 minutes. If I don’t want to continue after that I’ll stop. What do you think happens when you give something 10 minutes ? Most of the time you stick with it.

I am sure that we can all think of many examples where we have chosen comfort – we are only human. But I would bet you can also think of times when you pushed yourself and you felt great.

So my message this week is when you are thinking of turning over and snoozing for a bit longer in the morning, push yourself to get up and do the thing that you know you should do or really want to do instead.

Have a great week……………… Neil………………..

Neil Thubron

Sales and Leadership Mentor / Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author

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